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They say most often than not the crystals we are most drawn to are the ones we need most in our lives. I wear mine on my body as my own personal amulets. Giving me a silent reassurance that there is something bigger at play and to believe in myself...


10% of sales are donated to Friends of The Earth Annually. 

Crystals, like all things natural are a gift from mother earth. They bring with them healing properties that have been used by people for centuries to aid in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment and peace. To return that gift, it is important that Gems & Thread donate a portion of our sales to Friends of the Earth, an environmental organization that prides itself as being the guardian of Mother Earth and her people. Visit their website below to find out how you can contribute to a worthy cause and to learn more about the inspiring work these people do everyday.


the more open you are to things the more you encourage a positive flow of life and love in your existence.


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