You water me, I'll water you - A promise to my soul.


For the past three years, every September I've made it a priority to go on a trip and experience something I've never done before. It's a personal promise I made to myself after my mom died September 3rd, 2014. Instead of spending that day at home, sad, missing her - I've made it a point to do something worthwhile to honour her. To honour her life and mine. She was the most adventurous and fearless person I knew and she longed to see the world. It may sound stupid but taking these trips makes me feel like I'm bringing her along with me and experiencing these things with her. And better yet, with her guidance and protection. Every trip has had a profound and significant effect on me when I returned home. Like a personal charge-up where I could re-evaluate where I was, what I was doing and reflect on where I wanted to go. The first year I went to Venice and fell in love for what I think was truly the first time in my life. The second year I was in Malibu, facing my fear of the ocean by surfing some of the most refreshing and exhilarating waves. This year I visited Alberta, Canada for the first time with the intent to conquer the mountains - something I never thought I'd be strong enough to do. I decided to write down some of my thoughts after spending six hours climbing Sulphur Mountain, alone and determined.


Remembering you have a choice 

We all have a choice as to how we live our lives. Sure, some people's choices are harder than others but at the end of the day, we're the ones living through these choices. I made a choice years back that I would push myself always. That I wouldn't settle and that I'd use more than just my eyes to see. I had my mother reiterate to me how important it is to have a life of my own and not to rush into a relationship. I also had a fire inside telling me the same. Telling me I was meant for more. Just as I made a personal promise to myself to travel every September and experience something new,  I also made a cosmic promise to the universe that I'd be open to whatever it brought to me. Making promises to yourself about how you want to live and how you plan to live is the ultimate prayer because it acknowledges that we don't have all the answers and when we ask questions, the universe is then compelled to give us answers. It reminds us how we want to live and what we want from our lives and in times where it's increasingly easy to fall into old patterns and routines - these silent reminders can help keep us on track. It keeps me on track. The moment I arrived in Banff I dropped my bags off and headed to the National Park with my camera and a notebook and within seconds of stepping onto the Bow River Trail I felt like I was exactly where I was suppose to be in that moment. I felt like I was doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing. The sounds of the busy streets slowly faded and were replaced by crackling branches and flowing water. My heart felt full again. And even though I was completely alone on that trip, I felt completely at home in that moment.


Remembering your strength

Fear keeps us stuck. We put limits on ourselves and what we want to accomplish because we don't believe we'll achieve it. It keeps us in a box. If we're meant for anything - it's to endure. We can be pushed to our absolute breaking points and yet, make it out the other side. Pushing myself physically is something that I crave because It's something I've lacked most of my life. My parents liked to keep me in a bubble, my ex boyfriends had a pattern of belittling me, strangers assume I'm weak because of my size, and authority figures always thought I'd spend my life trying to get by on my looks and never took me seriously growing up. Fear has the abilitiy to immobilize and shelter us from our full capabilities. It kept me locked in my room for months, even years, wishing and dreaming for things instead of getting out there in the world and taking them. Our threshold for pain and the limit to which we can push ourselves is entirely reliant on the belief we have in ourselves - not what's put in front of us. I took this picture, an hour into my hike. My ears were popping, my heart racing and I felt dizzy - the air quality obviously a lot thinner than I was used to, I didn't think I'd make it to the top after feeling this way so early on - but I took a little rest, a few deep breaths, and continued on my trek, one step at a time because that's all I could do - and I knew, sooner than later, I'd make it.  


Remembering your intention 

In the first article I wrote on this blog, I talked about identifying your intention in life and discussed that my intention was to simply be happy. To find happiness in an otherwise unhappy world. To find humour in moments of anger, ease in moments of pain and beauty in moments of ugliness. I then discussed how after you identify your intentions you'd be catapulted into manifesting ways to achieve it. Nature, creativity, love and connection were things I found made me happiest in my life and I decided that If I could incorporate these things into my daily routine, I'd be on my way to achieving a life I'd be happy with. Whether the choices were big or small, took days or took weeks, I had a silent reassurance that with every small step, I'd one day be led to something great. Nature shows me that the world is vast and I am small. Creativity rekindles the fire inside me that sometimes burns low. Love takes me higher and connection gives me security.  At this point up Sulphur Mountain I was depleted. I sat down and ate a small lunch I'd packed but decided to sit and marvel at my viewpoint for a bit before I kept going. I sat in silence as I heard water streaming down a waterfall to my right, an almost perfect pathway laid out to my left for when I was ready and Cascade Mountain in front of me reminding me that there will always be something bigger to aspire for. 



When I finally made it to the top of the mountain, sweaty, dirty and exhausted - I was again reminded that even with the stunning view in front of me, it was really only a pale shadow of the true beauty the universe has to offer. I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it inspired you to reflect on your own intentions in life and how you want to achieve them. Making a promise to yourself is a beautiful thing because you owe yourself the chance to have everything you want. A time of the year that used to bring overwhelming sadness, is now a time I look forward to and I will thank myself and god for that gift for the rest of my life. 


Love you always mom.

Miss you, everyday.












The metaphysical magic of Fluorite

Fluorite is a highly protective and spiritual stone, promoting a field of psychic wholeness and development while also bringing peace and serenity to its keeper. It’s range of hues, colors and variations make this quite notably the most colorful gemstone in the mineral kingdom. In addition to its spiritual attributes, Fluorite has proven to be quite stabilizing and effective to our emotional and physical well-being. Fluorite can be used to activate our heart and third eye chakras bridging the gap between our minds and universal consciousness. Its particularly affective in clearing negative energies and providing stability in otherwise, chaotic times and environments.

Spiritually, Fluorite promotes intuition and psychic wholeness by providing a pathway between our subconscious and human mind. It’s said that because of Fluorite’s meditative and cosmic attributes it can help reveal one’s true purpose and manifest that truth. It provides a metaphysical shield around the wearer helping to protect them from chaotic and negative vibrations which is particularly beneficial to aura cleansing.

Mentally, Fluorite provides mental clarity and stability to the keeper’s mind. In turn, this provides us with the ability to make more thoughtful and focused decisions while continuing on a road of manifesting our true intentions. Fluorite’s biggest credit is to its ability to clear the mental fog and chaos that sometimes clouds our better judgement and helps us to make wiser, more thoughtful decisions.         

Physically, Fluorite has a wealth of benefits that help detoxify and cleanse our overall well-being. It’s been known to assist in the healing of blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, pain, joints, colds, insomnia and many others. It is a gemstone that enhances the strength of all other stones and can be extremely influential to leading a more harmonizing lifestyle.

There are several different types of Fluorite which contain their own specific and unique attributes that then translate to the wearer. We feature Pink Fluorite, Green Fluorite and Rainbow Fluorite.


Rainbow Fluorite

With its many hues this gemstone brings many energies which are all said to enhance our state of free thinking and emotional vibrancy. In areas of our life that may seem torn or messy, each color of the rainbow fluorite gemstone offers a different form of influence making it not only the most “colorful” gemstone in the mineral kingdom but also making it the most versatile.  


Pink Fluorite

This gemstone has a specific intention of good will, positivity and joyfulness. Just like the feminine attributes of the Rose Quartz stone, Pink Fluorite opens up and activates our heart chakras helping the keeper balance hormones, improve heart function and provide a safe space to practice more love and expression.

Green Fluorite

This gemstone has been regarded as an “all-purpose stone” bringing a cleansing and freshness to our chakras. It helps to remove blockages and close-mindedness and brings new ideas to the surface. Green Fluorite has been specifically used in crystal healing to detoxify the keeper’s aura and provide a barricade in times where self-doubt comes into play, thus, encouraging our desire to move forward.



Fluorite has often been regarded as a gift from mother nature and it truly is. Everything you’ve seen during this article is available in our gallery and is made with my two hands with the purest of intentions. Feel free to have a look and see which products speak to you.






3 ways to use Amethyst for a life filled with magic

Amethyst is the epitome of an “all-purpose” stone. In ancient history, Greeks coined Amethyst as the "Sobriety Stone", believing it could help the wearer avoid intoxication. On the other hand, Ancient Egyptians wore Amethyst amulets in battle believing it would help them remain level-headed and bring protection. This gemstone has been used for centuries and now it's known as the lover of the mineral kingdom, helping the keeper maintain a spiritual connection with the world around them. It has a wealth of benefits not only to our health and physical wellness but our spiritual well-being as well. Here are 3 of the most essential ways to use Amethyst to cultivate an inner sense of calm and peace and restore the magic in our existence.



A way to purify the home and clear negative energy

 In addition to wearing these stones, having them in your environment can help to purify the space and promote a calming energy. Spiritually, these stones promote intuition making them perfect for meditation and in rooms where we seek inspiration. Mentally, Amethyst can help clear the mind of anxious and negative thought patterns. Physically, having this stone in your home is believed to strengthen one’s immune system while helping to heal any hormonal imbalances that exist in our bodies.

Placing Amethyst in the bedroom is very popular as it is the ultimate dreamers stone. It’s beneficial for those with insomnia and is said to help dispel bad dreams and create an opportunity for a spiritual and intuitive sleep cycle. Place an Amethyst crystal underneath your pillow to encourage this relationship with your subconscious. In children’s rooms, Amethyst is the perfect addition because of its soothing and calming energy. Its gentle properties promote a calm and peaceful space for little ones to rest and grow strong in. Placing Amethyst in your office or workspace also promotes a field of energy for abundance and prosperity. It’s said to help manifest new opportunities and also help purify the space of negative energies transmitted from computers and other electronic devices we tend to keep in them.



For self-love and care

This is a wonderful stone for anyone who is overworked and overwhelmed. Fear and anxiety play such a large role in our lives and Amethyst is supportive to our emotional state in this sense as it helps to bring us back to a balanced and centered place. It’s also said to assist the keeper maintain a level head and avoid becoming overly angry or temperamental. It counteracts these negative behaviors while revealing an energy of sustainable peace and serenity. In addition to everything above, it is an extremely beneficial stone for those grieving the loss of a loved one by encouraging the release of sorrow and the embrace of human life. Reminding us that there really is no death – only changing forms.

Amethyst is known to provide a great deal of ease and gentle encouragement to help us navigate through our days in a more thoughtful and understanding way.



To heighten spirituality and intuition

Amethyst stimulates the Crown and Third Eye Chakra and accelerates our cognitive perceptions. Our Third Eye is located between our eyebrows and is the centre of all perception and relation to the outside world. When it opens up it creates a flow of energy within our entire body that makes us open too – to new ideas, visions and higher consciousness. It provides a balanced space in our thoughts to promote healthier communication in ourselves. Our Crown Chakra is located at the top of our heads and is the pathway to our subconscious and the universe around us. It is the source of our spirituality and it strengthens our connection to the divine.

Like I mentioned earlier, because of the stimulation of our third eye chakra Amethyst is the perfect stone to use during mediation. Placing this stone directly on the area between the eyebrows and in the centre of our foreheads opens a meditative state of conscious thought and helps us explore understanding and intuition. Entering mediation with a clear of intention of what you want can be the first step in then letting the stones do their own magic because at the end of the day, they are a form of magic for those who choose to feel it.


I think I called Amethyst “the perfect stone” over a handful of times in this article because it truly is an all-purpose crystal. A vessel for true self illumination where this is humility, reflection, acceptance and a genuine acknowledgement of the relationship between us and the universe. We have a wonderful collection of Amethyst products in our gallery including everything featured here. Feel free to have a look and begin your transition into a life filled with more magic.





4 steps to calmer nights and a healthier sleep

Sleep is something in life we often take for granted, not realizing how much our body relies on moments of rest to recharge. We claim we don’t have any time to sleep yet we have a few spare hours a day to play on our phones – lying in bed at night swiping through feeds and profiles when you could be cozied up and in that sweet, sweet rem cycle. There will always be excuses as to why we may overlook sleep – We’re anxious, we’re worried, we’re thinking about tomorrow and not the present moment of going to bed or perhaps we just want to simply accept that we can function on little sleep and it's not that important. Whatever that little voice may be telling you - it doesn't mean you need to feed it and give in. 

Here are 4 little ways you can help relax your mind in the evenings, calm your body and develop a healthier sleep pattern.


Everything lavender and anything lavender! Do not underestimate the amazing benefits of having lavender in your home and around your bed to improve sleep quality. The scent of lavender alone makes you drowsy by helping lower your heart rate and blood pressure which puts you in a more relaxed and calm state. I like to keep a bowl of dried lavender at my bedside table and for nights that I am restless beyond belief I will use lavender oral drops to help me relax.

Sage Smudging

Sage Smudging and burning herbs in the home is a practice used for many centuries. Native Americans believed that as the smoke builds, it attaches itself to the negative energy in the room and as it dissipates, so does that energy. There is an incredible sense of calm and relief that this practice can bring when done correctly and with the right intent. It’s important to respect the fact that just as you’re clearing the negative energy from your home – you should be clearing a clean and decluttered home. Begin first by doing this, ridding the area of any mess, garbage and dust. Firmly and intently identify your intention which is to clear the room of any negative energies, light your sage wand with a candle and burn out the flame as the sage continues to smoke and fill the air. Pay close attention to dark corners, behind and under furniture and especially closets! If you yourself are feeling anxious and unable to relax – you can apply this to your body as well by letting the smoke flow around you from head to toe focusing all your energy on pushing that negativity outside of you from your feet and back into the earth. Do this before bed for what I assure you will be a peaceful sleep.

 Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a wonderland body of negative ions which are said to be extremely beneficial in improving the air quality and energy levels in a space. The soothing glow these lamps give off act as a sort of light and color therapy by aiding in the emotional well-being of those in the room. The blue light that our phones and televisions give off often disrupt our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, and we often surround ourselves with these in the evenings – Consider a salt lamp for this very reason. The soft glow and orange hues can be the perfect calming source of light at night and won’t negatively interfere with your sleeping.



Amethyst offers many benefits to the keepers physical and emotional well-being, detoxification and health. One of these is the far-infrared radiation and again, negative ion emission this gemstone exudes. These naturally occurring magnetic fields produce positive results in the body such as: providing respiratory support, removing toxic particles and providing mood support. The low level of heat emitted by this crystal gifts the body with a sense of calm and helps aid in better sleep. Some say placing an Amethyst gem underneath your pillow can also help with dispelling bad dreams – this is something I personally do and have found to be quite useful.

We should embrace that silence before we rest our heads and give our body and mind the same respect and time we grant to other things. Little steps lead you to extraordinary places but it takes time. I hope you found these tips useful and tonight when you lay your head, try to practice one of these rituals and find which one works best for you. 


Are we really products of our past?

I’ve heard the expression “we are products of our past” or that “our past defines us” more than I can count. In past interactions and relationships with people, have you noticed in yourself how many times we equate our behavior and choices to a past experience? We meet a great person but we don’t let them in because we’ve been hurt in the past. We pass on new experiences and opportunities because our past has taught us that we aren’t good enough. We lash out at people for no reason and blame our conditioned reactions on past experiences. We have a tendency to use unfortunate circumstances from our pasts as a cushion when we don’t make the best of choices and therefore, we’re always reliving them. We blame our childhoods, families, ex boyfriends and girlfriends, our losses and our frustrations with what is for why we can’t move forward. A few nights ago I was introduced to the idea that we are not really products of our past but rather, products of our futures. It didn’t make sense at first but as I continued to explore this idea I realized a lot of it rang true.

Think about a typical person’s work schedule for instance - most people have a Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule, as did I at one time. If you were to visit that office on a Friday afternoon everyone there would probably be in great mood because they know the weekend is coming. They’re looking forward to something which makes them happy. Take those same people on Sunday evening -maybe they’re preparing their meals for the week ahead and getting a jump start on a good night's rest...or maybe they’re sitting there dreading the idea of having to go into work the next day and feeling miserable. That was more my attitude. It’s the same idea as when we have a vacation or trip coming up. We’re not thinking about what happened to us when we were 5 years old and how it shaped us into who we are today - we are excited and elated because we know in a couple days or weeks we’ll be on a beach without a care. Everyday on that trip you’re looking forward to the day ahead and the next day - until that last day. How do you guys feel on the last day of your vacation? Probably like me, you feel sad that you’re leaving and have to come back to “reality”. You’re not reliving all the fun you just had the past week, you’re actually already missing it and it’s making you dread the idea of leaving and returning home and sometimes, that feeling can ruin that last day because you’re not living in the present you’re living in the future. This is when the concept of being products of our futures started to resonate with me and I wanted to explore what this meant in my own life...

I relate it best to an experience I had while travelling last summer - I had quit my job, put my things in storage and impulsively bought a ticket to California with very little money in my pocket. Sure I had some family there but really, I needed some time alone in a new place to clear my head and gain some perspective. My life before I left was in complete disarray and I was reliving my past all the time. Everyday I would wallow in my losses, truly unable to conceive or picture any kind of future for myself that didn’t involve giving up. I had no hope and I was the lowest I’ve ever been. I had nothing to lose when I went. During my time there I met someone unexpectedly and had some of the best and most beautiful moments of my life in a very short span of time. I had never been happier, spending our days talking about having a life together there. I was finally able to picture a future and I loved the way it looked. Full of love, excitement, adventure, passion, everything that I wanted and didn’t think I would ever find. When it was over and I returned home, I began to miss that person terribly. I kept thinking about our time together and still do in quiet moments, believing that I missed them and making myself sad over it. As I think back on it now, with this new idea of being a product of my future I realized...I didn’t necessarily miss him - I missed that feeling of being completely elated and happy because I saw a hopeful and bright future for myself and THAT was what was missing. Not a person. It was that feeling. It was such an unfamiliar feeling to me after years of not being able to see anything worth having in my future - in those moments I realized how much I wanted for my life and for myself - and it had nothing to do with him.

So it stands to reason that perhaps we are really products of our futures. When we can see possibilities we’re hopeful and in hope we can find happiness. But when there is nothing to look forward to - it makes sense that our minds would revert back to our pasts. This is a concept I think I’m going to continue to explore in my everyday life and I encourage you to as well. Let’s start building brighter futures for ourselves by letting go of yesterday.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Have you ever noticed that some of the most generous people in the world are those who have come from lesser beginnings? There’s something about the perspective life brings when you’re at your lowest that opens our eyes to the truth of our present. It all comes back to this recurring theme that you can’t appreciate life’s offerings unless you’re paying attention to them - and we often don’t pay attention to them until we’ve lost them. Sometimes life puts these obstacles on the shoulders of people strong enough to take it so the rest don’t have to - so the rest can learn from other people’s mistakes. But I believe we have to feel the heartache for ourselves to truly grasp it. The pain is what makes people strong. I know that’s the only thing that worked for me to finally change my perspective and appreciate my life. It had to hurt in order to resonate. So here are two truth’s I’ve found during this time of self realization that helped me stop and smell the fucking roses.

Be present, Live intimately

Being present is something that takes a lot of practice before it becomes a part of your daily routine. It’s a choice we have to make to consciously take ourselves out of this bubble that’s almost too easy to create. How many times have you been standing in line somewhere and whether it was for 20 seconds or 20 minutes your first instinct is to take out your phone and scroll on your Facebook or Instagram feed without ever looking up, around or god forbid at the person next to you? When we live disconnected from our surroundings we miss all the little things that make life beautiful and our ability to see the beauty in life is in direct relation to how intimately we choose to live it. When you place limits on yourself and what you're willing to connect to, you’re restricting the positive flow of love and life in your existence.

Let go of the dark, Make room for the light

It amazes me sometimes what people are willing to lose sleep over and spend hours analyzing. Arbitrary problems and self made crisis because we’re bored, lack stimulus or are deflecting from that void and unhappiness that often comes when we fall into a routine of disconnect. When we let go of negativity such as judgement, criticism and fear we create the space for something new to come into our lives - may it be creativity, gratitude, love, whatever - You can’t expect to attract light into your life if you’re hoarding all of this negativity from years past.

Our lives are not written in stone. We are all artists because we get to create our realities - we decide what story we tell ourselves and other's about who we are. We're constantly growing, evolving and adapting to new things - why shouldn't your story grow, evolve and adapt also? Sometimes that truth is all we need to make a change. 

Some tips for manifesting these thoughts into your daily life

1) Spend the first few minutes of your morning practicing positive self talk. When you wake up say “Thank you”. It doesn’t matter who or what you are saying it to but the mere fact that you’re able to wake up in your bed and live the day ahead deserves an acknowledgement and when you acknowledge a gift and give gratitude, you’ll most likely receive more.

2) Practice using affirmations in your daily routine. When you’re getting ready in the morning look at yourself in the mirror, smile and affirm your strengths to yourself and you’ll find you’ll feel more confident entering your day. Here a few that I say every morning -

“I am abundant”

“I am healthy”

“I am love”

“I am happy”

“I am receiving good things everyday”

3) Limit your time on social media and on your phone in general. Avoid using this as a distraction in moments where you’d otherwise consider yourself bored such as: in line somewhere, in a waiting room, IN TRAFFIC, walking around outside and especially when you’re in the company of others. Start by looking around more. Listening more. Living more openly and consciously - not robotically.

4) Make time everyday for something you enjoy doing whether it’s yoga, listening to music, watching your favorite movie, reading a book, cooking a meal, playing a sport, whatever it is - don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you don’t have any time - time is linear. There is always time to give back to yourself and you'll find the more you do this - the more you'll want to give back to other's as well. 

Clear your mind, heal your soul

I often talk about the power of our thoughts and how when we're in unfortunate situations, our minds tend to take us to low and hopeless places. The truth is, the unfortunate situation we are dwelling over has either already happened to us or has yet to - therefore, it exists only in our minds. Yet we spend our days and nights agonizing over it. My journey in life involves constant self reflection of how my own self talk and self perception has halted me in life for many years. Through countless, restless nights and time's where it seemed the stars stopped shining and the moon cried with me - I actually did accomplish some peace of mind. Because I sat in front of the mirror and looked at myself purely and honestly and let go of that ego I was carrying for so many years. Here's some useful advice for clearing a mind that wanders too often and worry's too much. 

Use memories - Don’t allow them to use you

Difficult situations don’t create suffering, denying what is - resisting the truth, creates suffering. Our memories are useful tools in most cases but they are also one of our biggest captors. They’re useful because they give us a sense of everlasting, yet almost imprisoning because they condition our minds in predictable ways. We build habits. We form thoughts and beliefs that can follow us our whole lives and affect how we react to certain situations all because of an experience that may have happened to us years ago. Let go of this idea that you’re a product of your past because it limits your view on future possibilities.

Recognize your Freedom

We are bound to our own beliefs and our beliefs are nothing more than ideas and concepts that we’ve accepted as truth. To be free in a mindful sense, we need to break free from our conditioned responses. If something is bothering you and weighing on your mind, ask yourself: “what is wrong at this exact moment”? You’ll realize more often than not - in that moment, there really aren’t any problems. Separate the situation from the moment because the moment will remain but the situation will pass. Let go of your anxious thoughts and ask yourself if what you’re worrying about is based on factual evidence or - a product of overthinking.

Love Yourself

We all tend to play a role in our lives but that role usually isn't cohesive to who we truly are inside. If you can recognize that you’re living this way - It can be easier to let go of the false perceptions you may be holding onto and give you room to find your own truth. Letting go of your ego and admitting you may be wrong sometimes gives you less of a need to judge, compare or analyze yourself and others. You will feel less threatened and more comfortable to just be yourself. Let go of criticism, prejudices and negative thinking because it restricts your ability to connect meaningfully with others and most importantly, hinders the relationship you should be building with yourself.

Our biggest critic in life is always going to be ourselves. Love yourself before anything else and reflect on yourself and your thought patterns. Be curious about what you may learn and enjoy the fact that you're able to constantly grow, adapt and change just as the world does.


3 ways to acknowledge your power and lead a more meaningful life

What is the one thing above all else that everyone wants in life? To me, it's fulfillment. Some may find that feeling through loving relationships, financial security, adventure, moving up in their career or perhaps through giving back. At the end of the day we're all searching for something to help us feel complete. So where do we find it? Through trial and tribulation, I've found that these three life truth's are an essential first step in manifesting more meaning and happiness in your life.


Some go through their lives never really understanding their intentions. What I  mean by this is - what are you living for? What are you moving towards? Where do your intentions lie in the aspect of what you want out of your life? If you have no intention other than to get by, and live everyday the same - I don't think you'll ever truly be fulfilled. My intention is happiness. Plain and simple. Someone else's intention in life may be to be a billionaire by the time they retire, someone else's intention may be to fall in love and raise a family - these are all fine. The key to finding your footing in a sometimes overwhelming and noisy existence is to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, in the most honest and pure way - What do I want from my life? Once you've established what that is, how are you going to achieve it? 

Let's take my intention which is to be happy - First, I had to distinguish what sort of things made me happiest. Then,  I would be able to apply them more often in my daily life. One of these things was being outside in nature surrounded by lush greens, tree's, crackling branches, insects buzzing and birds singing. Being connected to the earth and to the universe brings me a great sense of balance and grounding and that helps me navigate through stressful times. Something else that brings me happiness is creating art. Making my gemstone jewelry by hand, playing music, writing poetry or stories, acting in projects that I believe in with people who share my passions and interests. This makes me incredibly happy. And finally, my friends and family. Having a sense of community and love is not only fulfilling but in a time where social media and instant gratification can become consuming- it's empowering to have people around you who love you for your genuine self. 

Reflecting on what I find meaning and beauty in not only gave me a better understanding of what I want my life to look like, it also gave me a better understanding of what I do not want it to look like. And that understanding is powerful. Intention is power. So again, I ask you - What is your intention?


Acknowledging your intentions in your daily life can help you find integrity and authenticity in yourself and what you’re doing. When you do something that’s inauthentic to who you are and what you want - acknowledging that gives you the power to then choose whether you want to do it or not. Because now you’re paying attention. It no longer becomes a blind habit that you’ve been accustomed to - it becomes a matter of, “what is more important”? And when you ask yourself a question like that you’ll realize your intentions in life hold more weight than the routine you've gotten into. Choice is vital - and remembering that you always have a choice is power.

Our thoughts are the strongest thing in the universe. What we think we eventually become. Negative thoughts can sometimes suck you in so deep that the idea of reaching any kind of light or salvation seems impossible. All those feelings of defeat are a product of your thoughts. It’s fear that you can’t do it or that you don't deserve it. And sometimes that fear is heightened because when you finally try to change, you try to do too much at once. Your big picture is too vast and you end up becoming overwhelmed and giving up before you've even started. The truth is, whether you believe it or not - the universe is listening to you. The world isn’t happening to you at the end of the day - it’s reacting to you. The universe is inside of us all, living and exploring itself through our eyes. Acknowledging the existence of something bigger than yourself is powerful because it takes you outside of that sad story you’ve been telling yourself about "why you’ll never achieve this” or “why you’ll never have that". It restores the belief and hope we had as kids - that anything is possible. When we did what we wanted to do because it was what made us happy and nothing else mattered. Revisiting that idea as a an adult who is aware of their intentions and acknowledges the role that thoughts and language play in their lives - my friends, that is power.


If you’re lost, and if the road has been hard - it may not feel like it but we're the lucky ones. We're the ones who when the sun does shine - really feel it. We can see it. The truth is, once you see that light, it becomes a part of your everyday. A constant.  Shakespeare once said, “The earth has music for those who listen". After losing my mother to Cancer, I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself. Being unable to pick myself up and out of the shadow my life was slowly becoming. Not realizing things as small as having a bed to sleep in, food to eat, water to drink, heat when I’m cold, a roof over my head at the very least - all of these things meant that I was still blessed.  I was so focused on this loss that I was casting my life away without acknowledging how fortunate I still was despite the circumstance. A fortune many others don't have. And the biggest blessing of all - having 24 years with one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. Longer than most people have with their mothers. Getting to experience a deep, loving and meaningful relationship with her that most people don't have with their mothers. These are things I couldn’t see because I was so consumed with how unfair it was to lose her in the first place. As if I was singled out by the world. Well I wasn't. And neither are you. Loss is inevitable - I was lucky to have had her at all. And with this change in my thought process - and in my language - I found a relief and a peace in something that I wallowed in for so long and almost threw my entire life away over

When you can see more good, the more good there is to see. Gratitude is infinite and that is why it's powerful.

All you seek is inside of yourself - Power is knowing that you’re stronger than you may think. And you’re not alone - Speak to the universe and you will hear it speak to you. The kind of relationship you choose to have with it is entirely your choice. Peace of mind is in anyone's grasp if they let themselves reach it - You're worth it. Take it. Never forget it.