3 ways to acknowledge your power and lead a more meaningful life

What is the one thing above all else that everyone wants in life? To me, it's fulfillment. Some may find that feeling through loving relationships, financial security, adventure, moving up in their career or perhaps through giving back. At the end of the day we're all searching for something to help us feel complete. So where do we find it? Through trial and tribulation, I've found that these three life truth's are an essential first step in manifesting more meaning and happiness in your life.


Some go through their lives never really understanding their intentions. What I  mean by this is - what are you living for? What are you moving towards? Where do your intentions lie in the aspect of what you want out of your life? If you have no intention other than to get by, and live everyday the same - I don't think you'll ever truly be fulfilled. My intention is happiness. Plain and simple. Someone else's intention in life may be to be a billionaire by the time they retire, someone else's intention may be to fall in love and raise a family - these are all fine. The key to finding your footing in a sometimes overwhelming and noisy existence is to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, in the most honest and pure way - What do I want from my life? Once you've established what that is, how are you going to achieve it? 

Let's take my intention which is to be happy - First, I had to distinguish what sort of things made me happiest. Then,  I would be able to apply them more often in my daily life. One of these things was being outside in nature surrounded by lush greens, tree's, crackling branches, insects buzzing and birds singing. Being connected to the earth and to the universe brings me a great sense of balance and grounding and that helps me navigate through stressful times. Something else that brings me happiness is creating art. Making my gemstone jewelry by hand, playing music, writing poetry or stories, acting in projects that I believe in with people who share my passions and interests. This makes me incredibly happy. And finally, my friends and family. Having a sense of community and love is not only fulfilling but in a time where social media and instant gratification can become consuming- it's empowering to have people around you who love you for your genuine self. 

Reflecting on what I find meaning and beauty in not only gave me a better understanding of what I want my life to look like, it also gave me a better understanding of what I do not want it to look like. And that understanding is powerful. Intention is power. So again, I ask you - What is your intention?


Acknowledging your intentions in your daily life can help you find integrity and authenticity in yourself and what you’re doing. When you do something that’s inauthentic to who you are and what you want - acknowledging that gives you the power to then choose whether you want to do it or not. Because now you’re paying attention. It no longer becomes a blind habit that you’ve been accustomed to - it becomes a matter of, “what is more important”? And when you ask yourself a question like that you’ll realize your intentions in life hold more weight than the routine you've gotten into. Choice is vital - and remembering that you always have a choice is power.

Our thoughts are the strongest thing in the universe. What we think we eventually become. Negative thoughts can sometimes suck you in so deep that the idea of reaching any kind of light or salvation seems impossible. All those feelings of defeat are a product of your thoughts. It’s fear that you can’t do it or that you don't deserve it. And sometimes that fear is heightened because when you finally try to change, you try to do too much at once. Your big picture is too vast and you end up becoming overwhelmed and giving up before you've even started. The truth is, whether you believe it or not - the universe is listening to you. The world isn’t happening to you at the end of the day - it’s reacting to you. The universe is inside of us all, living and exploring itself through our eyes. Acknowledging the existence of something bigger than yourself is powerful because it takes you outside of that sad story you’ve been telling yourself about "why you’ll never achieve this” or “why you’ll never have that". It restores the belief and hope we had as kids - that anything is possible. When we did what we wanted to do because it was what made us happy and nothing else mattered. Revisiting that idea as a an adult who is aware of their intentions and acknowledges the role that thoughts and language play in their lives - my friends, that is power.


If you’re lost, and if the road has been hard - it may not feel like it but we're the lucky ones. We're the ones who when the sun does shine - really feel it. We can see it. The truth is, once you see that light, it becomes a part of your everyday. A constant.  Shakespeare once said, “The earth has music for those who listen". After losing my mother to Cancer, I spent a long time feeling sorry for myself. Being unable to pick myself up and out of the shadow my life was slowly becoming. Not realizing things as small as having a bed to sleep in, food to eat, water to drink, heat when I’m cold, a roof over my head at the very least - all of these things meant that I was still blessed.  I was so focused on this loss that I was casting my life away without acknowledging how fortunate I still was despite the circumstance. A fortune many others don't have. And the biggest blessing of all - having 24 years with one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. Longer than most people have with their mothers. Getting to experience a deep, loving and meaningful relationship with her that most people don't have with their mothers. These are things I couldn’t see because I was so consumed with how unfair it was to lose her in the first place. As if I was singled out by the world. Well I wasn't. And neither are you. Loss is inevitable - I was lucky to have had her at all. And with this change in my thought process - and in my language - I found a relief and a peace in something that I wallowed in for so long and almost threw my entire life away over

When you can see more good, the more good there is to see. Gratitude is infinite and that is why it's powerful.

All you seek is inside of yourself - Power is knowing that you’re stronger than you may think. And you’re not alone - Speak to the universe and you will hear it speak to you. The kind of relationship you choose to have with it is entirely your choice. Peace of mind is in anyone's grasp if they let themselves reach it - You're worth it. Take it. Never forget it.