Clear your mind, heal your soul

I often talk about the power of our thoughts and how when we're in unfortunate situations, our minds tend to take us to low and hopeless places. The truth is, the unfortunate situation we are dwelling over has either already happened to us or has yet to - therefore, it exists only in our minds. Yet we spend our days and nights agonizing over it. My journey in life involves constant self reflection of how my own self talk and self perception has halted me in life for many years. Through countless, restless nights and time's where it seemed the stars stopped shining and the moon cried with me - I actually did accomplish some peace of mind. Because I sat in front of the mirror and looked at myself purely and honestly and let go of that ego I was carrying for so many years. Here's some useful advice for clearing a mind that wanders too often and worry's too much. 

Use memories - Don’t allow them to use you

Difficult situations don’t create suffering, denying what is - resisting the truth, creates suffering. Our memories are useful tools in most cases but they are also one of our biggest captors. They’re useful because they give us a sense of everlasting, yet almost imprisoning because they condition our minds in predictable ways. We build habits. We form thoughts and beliefs that can follow us our whole lives and affect how we react to certain situations all because of an experience that may have happened to us years ago. Let go of this idea that you’re a product of your past because it limits your view on future possibilities.

Recognize your Freedom

We are bound to our own beliefs and our beliefs are nothing more than ideas and concepts that we’ve accepted as truth. To be free in a mindful sense, we need to break free from our conditioned responses. If something is bothering you and weighing on your mind, ask yourself: “what is wrong at this exact moment”? You’ll realize more often than not - in that moment, there really aren’t any problems. Separate the situation from the moment because the moment will remain but the situation will pass. Let go of your anxious thoughts and ask yourself if what you’re worrying about is based on factual evidence or - a product of overthinking.

Love Yourself

We all tend to play a role in our lives but that role usually isn't cohesive to who we truly are inside. If you can recognize that you’re living this way - It can be easier to let go of the false perceptions you may be holding onto and give you room to find your own truth. Letting go of your ego and admitting you may be wrong sometimes gives you less of a need to judge, compare or analyze yourself and others. You will feel less threatened and more comfortable to just be yourself. Let go of criticism, prejudices and negative thinking because it restricts your ability to connect meaningfully with others and most importantly, hinders the relationship you should be building with yourself.

Our biggest critic in life is always going to be ourselves. Love yourself before anything else and reflect on yourself and your thought patterns. Be curious about what you may learn and enjoy the fact that you're able to constantly grow, adapt and change just as the world does.