Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Have you ever noticed that some of the most generous people in the world are those who have come from lesser beginnings? There’s something about the perspective life brings when you’re at your lowest that opens our eyes to the truth of our present. It all comes back to this recurring theme that you can’t appreciate life’s offerings unless you’re paying attention to them - and we often don’t pay attention to them until we’ve lost them. Sometimes life puts these obstacles on the shoulders of people strong enough to take it so the rest don’t have to - so the rest can learn from other people’s mistakes. But I believe we have to feel the heartache for ourselves to truly grasp it. The pain is what makes people strong. I know that’s the only thing that worked for me to finally change my perspective and appreciate my life. It had to hurt in order to resonate. So here are two truth’s I’ve found during this time of self realization that helped me stop and smell the fucking roses.

Be present, Live intimately

Being present is something that takes a lot of practice before it becomes a part of your daily routine. It’s a choice we have to make to consciously take ourselves out of this bubble that’s almost too easy to create. How many times have you been standing in line somewhere and whether it was for 20 seconds or 20 minutes your first instinct is to take out your phone and scroll on your Facebook or Instagram feed without ever looking up, around or god forbid at the person next to you? When we live disconnected from our surroundings we miss all the little things that make life beautiful and our ability to see the beauty in life is in direct relation to how intimately we choose to live it. When you place limits on yourself and what you're willing to connect to, you’re restricting the positive flow of love and life in your existence.

Let go of the dark, Make room for the light

It amazes me sometimes what people are willing to lose sleep over and spend hours analyzing. Arbitrary problems and self made crisis because we’re bored, lack stimulus or are deflecting from that void and unhappiness that often comes when we fall into a routine of disconnect. When we let go of negativity such as judgement, criticism and fear we create the space for something new to come into our lives - may it be creativity, gratitude, love, whatever - You can’t expect to attract light into your life if you’re hoarding all of this negativity from years past.

Our lives are not written in stone. We are all artists because we get to create our realities - we decide what story we tell ourselves and other's about who we are. We're constantly growing, evolving and adapting to new things - why shouldn't your story grow, evolve and adapt also? Sometimes that truth is all we need to make a change. 

Some tips for manifesting these thoughts into your daily life

1) Spend the first few minutes of your morning practicing positive self talk. When you wake up say “Thank you”. It doesn’t matter who or what you are saying it to but the mere fact that you’re able to wake up in your bed and live the day ahead deserves an acknowledgement and when you acknowledge a gift and give gratitude, you’ll most likely receive more.

2) Practice using affirmations in your daily routine. When you’re getting ready in the morning look at yourself in the mirror, smile and affirm your strengths to yourself and you’ll find you’ll feel more confident entering your day. Here a few that I say every morning -

“I am abundant”

“I am healthy”

“I am love”

“I am happy”

“I am receiving good things everyday”

3) Limit your time on social media and on your phone in general. Avoid using this as a distraction in moments where you’d otherwise consider yourself bored such as: in line somewhere, in a waiting room, IN TRAFFIC, walking around outside and especially when you’re in the company of others. Start by looking around more. Listening more. Living more openly and consciously - not robotically.

4) Make time everyday for something you enjoy doing whether it’s yoga, listening to music, watching your favorite movie, reading a book, cooking a meal, playing a sport, whatever it is - don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you don’t have any time - time is linear. There is always time to give back to yourself and you'll find the more you do this - the more you'll want to give back to other's as well.