4 steps to calmer nights and a healthier sleep

Sleep is something in life we often take for granted, not realizing how much our body relies on moments of rest to recharge. We claim we don’t have any time to sleep yet we have a few spare hours a day to play on our phones – lying in bed at night swiping through feeds and profiles when you could be cozied up and in that sweet, sweet rem cycle. There will always be excuses as to why we may overlook sleep – We’re anxious, we’re worried, we’re thinking about tomorrow and not the present moment of going to bed or perhaps we just want to simply accept that we can function on little sleep and it's not that important. Whatever that little voice may be telling you - it doesn't mean you need to feed it and give in. 

Here are 4 little ways you can help relax your mind in the evenings, calm your body and develop a healthier sleep pattern.


Everything lavender and anything lavender! Do not underestimate the amazing benefits of having lavender in your home and around your bed to improve sleep quality. The scent of lavender alone makes you drowsy by helping lower your heart rate and blood pressure which puts you in a more relaxed and calm state. I like to keep a bowl of dried lavender at my bedside table and for nights that I am restless beyond belief I will use lavender oral drops to help me relax.

Sage Smudging

Sage Smudging and burning herbs in the home is a practice used for many centuries. Native Americans believed that as the smoke builds, it attaches itself to the negative energy in the room and as it dissipates, so does that energy. There is an incredible sense of calm and relief that this practice can bring when done correctly and with the right intent. It’s important to respect the fact that just as you’re clearing the negative energy from your home – you should be clearing a clean and decluttered home. Begin first by doing this, ridding the area of any mess, garbage and dust. Firmly and intently identify your intention which is to clear the room of any negative energies, light your sage wand with a candle and burn out the flame as the sage continues to smoke and fill the air. Pay close attention to dark corners, behind and under furniture and especially closets! If you yourself are feeling anxious and unable to relax – you can apply this to your body as well by letting the smoke flow around you from head to toe focusing all your energy on pushing that negativity outside of you from your feet and back into the earth. Do this before bed for what I assure you will be a peaceful sleep.

 Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a wonderland body of negative ions which are said to be extremely beneficial in improving the air quality and energy levels in a space. The soothing glow these lamps give off act as a sort of light and color therapy by aiding in the emotional well-being of those in the room. The blue light that our phones and televisions give off often disrupt our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, and we often surround ourselves with these in the evenings – Consider a salt lamp for this very reason. The soft glow and orange hues can be the perfect calming source of light at night and won’t negatively interfere with your sleeping.



Amethyst offers many benefits to the keepers physical and emotional well-being, detoxification and health. One of these is the far-infrared radiation and again, negative ion emission this gemstone exudes. These naturally occurring magnetic fields produce positive results in the body such as: providing respiratory support, removing toxic particles and providing mood support. The low level of heat emitted by this crystal gifts the body with a sense of calm and helps aid in better sleep. Some say placing an Amethyst gem underneath your pillow can also help with dispelling bad dreams – this is something I personally do and have found to be quite useful.

We should embrace that silence before we rest our heads and give our body and mind the same respect and time we grant to other things. Little steps lead you to extraordinary places but it takes time. I hope you found these tips useful and tonight when you lay your head, try to practice one of these rituals and find which one works best for you.