The metaphysical magic of Fluorite

Fluorite is a highly protective and spiritual stone, promoting a field of psychic wholeness and development while also bringing peace and serenity to its keeper. It’s range of hues, colors and variations make this quite notably the most colorful gemstone in the mineral kingdom. In addition to its spiritual attributes, Fluorite has proven to be quite stabilizing and effective to our emotional and physical well-being. Fluorite can be used to activate our heart and third eye chakras bridging the gap between our minds and universal consciousness. Its particularly affective in clearing negative energies and providing stability in otherwise, chaotic times and environments.

Spiritually, Fluorite promotes intuition and psychic wholeness by providing a pathway between our subconscious and human mind. It’s said that because of Fluorite’s meditative and cosmic attributes it can help reveal one’s true purpose and manifest that truth. It provides a metaphysical shield around the wearer helping to protect them from chaotic and negative vibrations which is particularly beneficial to aura cleansing.

Mentally, Fluorite provides mental clarity and stability to the keeper’s mind. In turn, this provides us with the ability to make more thoughtful and focused decisions while continuing on a road of manifesting our true intentions. Fluorite’s biggest credit is to its ability to clear the mental fog and chaos that sometimes clouds our better judgement and helps us to make wiser, more thoughtful decisions.         

Physically, Fluorite has a wealth of benefits that help detoxify and cleanse our overall well-being. It’s been known to assist in the healing of blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, pain, joints, colds, insomnia and many others. It is a gemstone that enhances the strength of all other stones and can be extremely influential to leading a more harmonizing lifestyle.

There are several different types of Fluorite which contain their own specific and unique attributes that then translate to the wearer. We feature Pink Fluorite, Green Fluorite and Rainbow Fluorite.


Rainbow Fluorite

With its many hues this gemstone brings many energies which are all said to enhance our state of free thinking and emotional vibrancy. In areas of our life that may seem torn or messy, each color of the rainbow fluorite gemstone offers a different form of influence making it not only the most “colorful” gemstone in the mineral kingdom but also making it the most versatile.  


Pink Fluorite

This gemstone has a specific intention of good will, positivity and joyfulness. Just like the feminine attributes of the Rose Quartz stone, Pink Fluorite opens up and activates our heart chakras helping the keeper balance hormones, improve heart function and provide a safe space to practice more love and expression.

Green Fluorite

This gemstone has been regarded as an “all-purpose stone” bringing a cleansing and freshness to our chakras. It helps to remove blockages and close-mindedness and brings new ideas to the surface. Green Fluorite has been specifically used in crystal healing to detoxify the keeper’s aura and provide a barricade in times where self-doubt comes into play, thus, encouraging our desire to move forward.



Fluorite has often been regarded as a gift from mother nature and it truly is. Everything you’ve seen during this article is available in our gallery and is made with my two hands with the purest of intentions. Feel free to have a look and see which products speak to you.