Friends of ThE earth

Gems and Thread having a charitable aspect was extremely important to me. Friends of the Earth is an organization that speaks to me and I believe, because you are visiting this page, that it is an organization that will speak to you as well. They have been around since 1969 and have supported several campaigns in climate change, fair trade and the banning of genetically, modified organisms. Friends of the Earth is a wonderful organization that supports biodiversity, environmental rights and most importantly, they acknowledge the ecological debt that mankind has contributed and the goal is to give back in repayment. 

These days it's difficult to know where your money is actually going when you're giving to charity but you can rest assured knowing that this is one of the best and largest environmental organizations in all of the world. They also have over 5000 local activist groups in all continents. Personally, I believe the people who put themselves on the front lines to instill change in communities and the world deserve our help and our contribution. Especially in a time like now, with so many easy alternatives to dig at our precious Mother Earth for financial greed from big corporations, it's  ultimately up to us individually to begin the change from within.

All in all, when you purchase something from our boutique you can do so proudly, knowing that you're giving back to something more than yourself. 


Peace and Love, 


Melissa Kari