Wear Your Soul

I created this line in my hometown, Toronto Canada, after what seemed to be an eternity of hardship. In my most recent years I've experienced my fair share of loss and in turn, I've had to look outside myself to find gratitude. In a world where pain is inevitable - the choice to suffer is ours. One thing that's always brought me solace was being creative. It brings me happiness, it causes me to wonder and to be curious and it brings me peace - much like these stones do. Although my interest in jewelry was sparked later in life - it was entirely inspired by the stones and gems that have almost become apart of me through the years. They say most often than not the crystals we are most drawn to are the ones we need most in our lives. I wear mine on my body as my own personal amulets. Giving me a silent reassurance that there is something bigger at play and to believe in myself.

These stones were all handpicked and each piece you see here was individually handcrafted. You can wear these knowing that each has a story and that they've been made with the purest intentions. Consider them little lockets of love and luck from my heart to yours. More importantly, acknowledge and invite the energy you want to allow in your space when wearing or carrying them. Explore our different collections as each have their own specific functions and purpose. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Melissa Kari, Creator of Gems & Thread